Movaco, furniture storage company

We provide you with our warehouse adapted to the storage and guarding of your furniture.

It’s about storing your furniture and archives in our logistics base for a limited time.

Do you want to store your furniture or archives?

Guard security

Our warehouse is outside all risk areas (forest fires, landslides, flooding and humidity). It is a large, dry, ventilated local with a stable temperature throughout the year. It has a great height that allows us to receive deliveries with heavy trucks. This room has several 24/7/365 supervision cameras and a robust alarm system.

Your furniture is stored in individual and named wooden crates.

Storage of high value objects

We have a second modern and ultra-secure local with burglar-proof boxes. This place is kept secret and does not receive any deliveries or strangers to the company. It is an unmarked local from which the distinctive signs have been deliberately removed. Be assured that your art will be safer with us than with you.

Frequent cases requiring the storage of furniture

We offer you our furniture storage solution when:

  • You are doing renovations in your home.
  • You renew your living room and you have no storage space.
  • You have a few months of waiting to receive the keys to your new apartment and you have already returned the keys to the old accommodation.
  • You receive a delivery of new furniture and you are not ready for the reception and layout.

Storage contract

During our estimate visit, we will tell you the cost of monthly storage which will depend on:

  • The volume of furniture to be stored.
  • The duration of guarding.
  • The value of your furniture.

A furniture storage contract will be drawn up to define the commitments of the two parties. This is information that is very useful, especially when the storage period is prolonged. This contract will stipulate the general storage conditions as well as the specific conditions discussed. This contract will stipulate:

  • Place for storing furniture.
  • The rental deposit.
  • The level of insurance of the furniture.
  • The cost of leaving the storage unit.
  • A trusted person who can recover the furniture in the event of death.

Storage time

The minimum billing term for your storage is one month. The actual guarding time may be 24 hours. Expenses for leaving furniture storage are applied to cover the provision of your storage box and the labor of handlers.

Storage conditions

You must own the furniture or have a power of attorney for the management of the furniture. Nevertheless, we present a non-exhaustive list of objects not compatible with our security solution:

  • Flammable liquid objects.
  • The batteries.
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Animals.
  • Plants.
  • The ashes of a deceased.
  • Cash and gold bars.

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