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Do you need to hire a furniture lift?

Duration of rental of the furniture lift

The rental of our outdoor lift is offered for a minimum of half a day and has no maximum duration. Indeed, the half-day rental includes the time:

  • That the machine leaves our logistic base, arrives in front of the lifting address and is installed and deployed to your balcony.
  • That the lifting operations are carried out.
  • That the machine is uninstalled and returns at the logistic base. 

The services included in the rental of the outdoor lift

This rental of our outdoor lifts is systematically offered with an operator agent who is responsible for deploying and closing the ladder. The operator agent is present throughout the lifting operation. 

Respecting your furniture and safety rules is our priority during the maneuvers of the furniture lift or the crane. 

We guarantee safe and fast delivery. You are not responsible during the lifting operation. We are the professionals and responsible for carrying out the entire handling operation according to the rules of the trade.

Frequent cases requiring the rental of an outdoor lift

  • When it is impossible to deliver your bulky piece of furniture by the service lift or by the stairs.
  • When you move a heavy piece of furniture (sideboard, piano or a sports machine).
  • When your furniture is very valuable and you want to avoid the risk of the furniture being mishandled up the stairs.
  • When you live on a high floor and you prefer to save time.

Lifting regulations in Monaco

Delivery by the balcony or by the window is subject to authorization in Monaco. We will take care of the request for authorization from the urban planning department.

Our knowledge of the Monegasque territory and its real estate, allows us the perfect management of your lifting operation. Depending on the address of your building, your block, your floor and your building manager, we will tell you the machine that will be used for your lifting and the hours that are authorized to us.

What alternative to the furniture lift?

When it is impossible to install a furniture lift or a crane because of the limitation of the weight imposed in front of the facade of your building, our team of rope access technicians delivers your furniture by the ropes. This solution is only offered if your furniture cannot be delivered by stairs.

Outdoor lift rental time slots:

The furniture lift is rented in half-day increments. A half day starts from 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. There are a few buildings in Monaco where the rental of the outdoor lift is only possible at the beginning of the evening and it is prohibited by the Monegasque road services during the day.

  • Your delivery balcony overlooks a bus lane.
  • Our deployed outdoor lift blocks vehicle traffic.
  • Your building is on the way to a major event.
  • Your building is in front of a school and constitutes a risk in the event of a high influx of children and parents.

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